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Binding Service

Binding Service

Binding service pricing is calculated using linear inches of the quilt top.

Sample Quilt: 60" wide x 80" long

(60" + 80") x 2 = 280 Linear Inches

25 Cents/Linear Inch to attach binding strips to the quilt (typically the front)

50 Cents/Linear Inch to attach and finish by machine.

$1/Linear Inch to attach and finish by hand.

Scallop edge it additional.

Prepare the Binding Strip

1.   Calculate the linear inches of the quilt top (see calculation above) and add 15".

           See fabric required below.

2.   Cut strips either 2 1/4" or 2 1/2"

           Most quilts will use 2 1/4" binding strips.

            Lofty batting, or backing that is thicker, (like minky and some flannels) should be cut at 2 1/2".

3.   Sew all the strips together to form one long strip that is long enough to go around the 

          quilt, plus 15".

4.   Press in half with wrong sides together.

If you would like to have the binding strips prepared for you, the cost is:

       $30 ($45 for quilts that are 300+ total linear inches).

Fabric needed for binding

Calculate the linear inches of the quilt top (see calculation above) and add 15".

(Please be sure that the quilt shop cuts this fabric straight.   If cut is uneven, add a few inches of yardage)

132" requires 1/4 yard

202" requires 3/8 yard

272" requires 1/2 yard

342" requires 5/8 yard

412" requires 3/4 yard

482" requires 7/8 yard

552" requires 1 yard

Sewing Service

Sewing Services

  • Sew quilt backing pieces together:  Up to 3 pieces $40 ($50 for quilts 6000+square inches)
  • Prepare binding strips:  $30 ($45 for quilts 6000+ square inches)
  • Sew a quilt hanging sleeve:  $25 plus $1 per inch (length across the quilt top)
  • Piecing a quilt top (call for pricing)
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