by Karen King, Bothell WA
serving the Puget Sound Area


Quilting service is charged by the square inch measurement of the quilt top.
i.e., (Width x Length) x pattern price.
Example:  Quilt Top measures 60" x 80" = 4800 square inches. 
Cost for a 3 Cent Pattern is  (4800 x .03) = $144.00

(Special Note:  Quilt backing & batting must be 4" larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides)

Minimum quilting order $50 for edge-to-edge quilting
Minimum $100 for Custom work

Need your quilt in a Rush?  3-5 business day turnaround for an additional 25%.  (Excludes Custom work.)

Edge-to-edge patterns 

2.5 to 5 Cents/Square Inch

(Borders additional $20 for the first border, $10 each additional border.)

Choose from these Categories




Holidays & Hearts



Travel & Transportation


10 to 35 Cents/Square Inch

    Click here to view samples of Custom Quilts.

Special Services for all clients.....Free!
  • Free 30-minute consultation ($15 value)
  • Free light pressing of quilt top and back ($20 value)
  • Free trimming of threads on quilt top (top-side only) ($10 value)
Quilt Preparation
  • Do not baste any of the layers together.
  • It is preferred that you not cut scallop borders. You may mark the scallops and cut them after the quilt is returned to you.

Quilt Top
  • All seams should be pressed flat.  Clip loose threads.  (Don't worry too much about top threads.  We are happy to take care of those for you.)
  • Indicate the top of the quilt top and backing with a safety pin or note. 
  • All fabric should be clean and free of odors or pet hair.

Quilt Backing and Batting
  • Backing and Batting should be 8" longer and 8" wider than the Quilt Top. (An extra 4" is needed on each of the 4 sides for mounting to the frame.)
  • Indicate the top orientation of the backing with a safety pin.  Some backings like minky or polar fleece have a nap.
  • The backing should be even and straight as much as possible.
  • Please send the batting instructions with your quilt.  Some batting requires close quilting of 2" to 4", while others allow up to 6" to 11". Quilt spacing is important when choosing your pattern style and size.
  • If packaged batting needs to be trimmed, we will do that free of charge.  (All trimmings will be returned with your quilt.)

Binding Service (Click here for pricing)
  • Send fabric for binding.  (All extra fabric will be returned with your quilt.)
  • Binding Preparation $15 (we cut 2 1/2" strips, seam, and press in half).  To avoid this fee, please send a continuous binding strip already pressed in half with right side of fabric facing out.
  • Measure the Quilt Top length and width.  
  • Determine amount fabric required:   [(Length+Width) x 2] + 15 = _______ " 
  • With the above calculation result, send the required amount of fabric.  (If bias strips are required, add an extra 15 inches.)

  • 132" requires 1/4 yard
  • 202" requires 3/8 yard
  • 272" requires 1/2 yard
  • 342" requires 5/8 yard
  • 412" requires 3/4 yard
  • 482" requires 7/8 yard
  • 552" requires 1 yard

Standard Mattress Measurements (Width x Length)
28" x 52"  Crib
39" x 75"  Standard Bunk
39" x 75"  Twin
36" x 80"  Twin Long
54" x 75"  Full
60" x 80"  Queen
78" x 80"  King
72" x 84"  California King

Quilt Short Drop Finished Measurements (Width x Length)
75" x 98"     Twin
72" x 103"   Twin Long
83" x  106"  Full
90" x 106"   Queen
107" x 108"  King
101" x 108"  California King