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Winline 100% Bamboo
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100% Bamboo

Premium viscose bamboo batting.  Available in natural and black.
  • High-quality sustainable/renewable fibers
  • Breathability, durable, & anti-bacterial properties
  • 2-5% shrinkage on first wash
  • Thin scrim resists stretching and bunching
  • Machine or hand quilt up to 8” apart
  • Made in the USA

Comes on a roll 120" or 96".  Sold by the inch.  120" @ 45 Cents per inch.
   96" @ 39 Cents per inch.

Warm N White 

This 100% USA grown cotton is punched with hundreds of needles through a thin base material (polymer fibers) to prevent tearing, shifting, migrating or creeping through the cover fabric making it 87.5% cotton/12.5% polymer fibers.  Fibers are held together without glue so a quilting needle glides easily through the batting. What an incredible difference! No need to pre-wash, machine washable after quilted.  Can be used as an exterior fabric, quilt up to 10 inches apart..

Comes on a roll 96".  Sold by the inch.  

30 Cents per inch.

Quilters Dream Orient

Dream Orient s a luxurious blend of velvety Bamboo, luscious silk, strong silky Tencel and soft stable Cotton.  Dream Orient's natural environmentally friendly fibers are carded, crosslapped and finely needlepunched to bring you the most desirable qualities of softness, strength, warmth and breathability.  The elegant silky soft drape makes Dream Orient a batting beyond compare!  

Machine wash and dry with cool water/cool dryer - shrinkage approximately 3%.  You can stitch up to 8" apart. 

Comes on a roll 93"  Sold by the inch.

37 Cents per inch.

HOBBS Heirloom

80% Cotton 20% Polyester